Post Decree Modifications

Man sitting at his desk with a laptop and bills looking concernedIf you have lost your job due to the recession, been transferred out of state on business or military service, or suffered a personal injury that limits your mobility — you could qualify for a post-decree modification to your divorce settlement with the help of an Orlando family law attorney.

I can work with you to seek a smooth modification to your spousal support, child support or child custody and parenting time obligations.

Your grounds for a modification should constitute a “substantial change in circumstances,” according to Florida law, and be considered “significant, material, permanent and involuntary.”

Sudden disability, serious illnesses or your ex-spouse is now in a supportive relationship are reasons commonly given for modification requests. Additionally, a sudden change in work, health or lifestyle routine can require a post-judgment modification in your Florida divorce settlement agreement.

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Our current statewide and national economy has contributed to the need for many individuals and couples to seek post-decree modifications.

You may have been plagued by a personal or business— or your employer may have gone out of business. Any dramatic change in your ability to pay alimony can result in an increase or decrease of spousal maintenance. To request the post-decree modification you need or to challenge a modification proposed by a former spouse, contact me today. I know Florida law and guarantee one-on-one personal service throughout the duration of your case.