Going through a divorce is a very overwhelming process for a lot of people. During this time, you might feel defensive and the need to protect yourself. People can also keep certain information to themselves in order to sidestep topics they don’t want to talk about with friends and family. When going through a divorce, you must be completely transparent and honest with your divorce attorney. It’s important to remember your divorce lawyer is on your team. A divorce attorney at Konicek Law will support you and fight every step of the way on your behalf.

However, the professionals at Konicek Law can only help you if they are aware of all the critical details regarding your marriage and living circumstances. Therefore, your divorce attorney should know the following information below before the time comes where they will undeniable have to know.

You Want to Stay Married

This may come as a surprise, but a lot of people who hire a divorce lawyer still wish to remain married. Some people are secretly yearning to reconcile with their husband or wife. These people usually hire a divorce attorney to show their spouses; they are serious about making serious changes in their life. However, in reality, they want the marriage to work and hire the attorney out of necessity.

When clients are seeking to reconcile, they will be in secret opposition to their attorney. Your lawyer may still be able to help you with saving your marriage. However, your attorney will only be able to help if you and your divorce attorney are on the same page.

You Have a Prenuptial Agreement

Your divorce attorney should know about any prenuptial agreements that you have previously agreed to before getting married. These agreements can be both signed and verbal agreements. Also, you need to inform your lawyer about any agreements made after the marriage. Both prenups and postnuptial agreements can significantly affect the results of a divorce.

You Did Something Bad That Your Spouse Might Bring Up

Do not let humiliation or guilt stand in the way of you providing valuable information about yourself to your divorce attorney. It’s most likely that your divorce lawyer has heard a lot worst. Your attorney is not going to judge you and must be aware in case your spouse decides to mention it in court. Divorce lawyers have a strict code of ethics that forbids them from sharing any of the details you provide them.

Your Assets are Hidden

Hiding assets during a divorce is always a bad idea. First, it’s illegal. Secondly, most likely, the opposing side will discover them during their research process. If you neglect to share information about your assets to your spouse, make sure your divorce attorney knows ahead of time. Legally hiding assets or offshore banking accounts will not get you the result you desire. By telling your attorney ahead of time, they can help you through the issue.

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