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Most people don’t go into a relationship thinking they will be needing the assistance of an Orlando divorce attorney. This doesn’t mean that a divorce isn’t a common occurrence. Now that the prospect is becoming a reality, you are understandably confused as to where your life is headed.

While also adding on all your day-to-day responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming. I can bring order to this complicated time in your life. divorceTo get your divorce resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, you will need quality representation and one-on-one personal service from and orlando family law attorney.

During my decade of experience, I have excelled at reaching practical resolutions for complex divorce issues. I focus intently on helping you achieve your goals so you can have peace of mind. You will know that your rights are protected at all times.


Experienced Representation For Orlando Divorce

I represent individuals in mediation, negotiation or litigation for divorce legal issues such as:

  • Parental responsibility/child support and custody — helping you determine appropriate levels of child support, according to state guidelines, as well as workable custody and parenting time schedules.
  • Alimony — negotiation of spousal support contributions, based upon financial need and ability to pay.
  • Property division — seeking equitable distribution through division of marital assets, real estate and investments, even in high-asset divorces.

I represent clients in contested and uncontested orlando divorce and even offer guidance regarding the perils of a do-it-yourself divorce.

I have worked with a wide variety of divorcing parents to determine appropriate agreements for child support and child custody that keep the best interests of the child at the forefront. My orlando divorce attorney legal leadership represents a combination of your specific wishes, your income level and your household financial needs.

I will always listen carefully to what you tell me, and use what I learn to achieve practical solutions you can be comfortable with. I want you to have a visitation or parenting plan that works for your unique family needs, as your child deserves the benefits of both parents playing productive roles in his or her life.

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Alimony for Orlando Divorce

Alimony, also referred to as spousal support, is the law for divorcing couples in Florida. However, the degree to which it impacts your post-divorce life can be negotiated. Appropriate levels of alimony are based on one former spouse’s financial need and the other’s ability to pay.

The legalities of spousal support can be confusing. I will explain the definitions of the many kinds of alimony — permanent, temporary, lump sum, bridge-the-gap and rehabilitative alimony — as well as factors that the courts consider when determining the amount. These factors include age, education, financial resources and length of the marriage, whether it be short term (less than 7 years), moderate-term (greater than 7 years, less than 17 years) or long-term (17 years or greater) plays a part in determining what the allocations will be for you or your partner. I am here to walk you through every step so that you are knowledgeable of all your options.

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Why Do You Need an Orlando Divorce Attorney?

I arm you with the facts regarding full financial disclosure and all spousal support matters. I give you the information you need to reach informed decisions and formulate workable agreements.

One of the hot-button issues in any contested or high net worth divorce is asset and property division. After a settlement agreement is finalized, discussions between divorcing couples and legal counsel have been known to break down over matters of who should own what and how much everything is worth. I am here to ease that process for you and your family, so that you can receive what was agreed upon. This can be a stressful time but I am here to provide relief and bring further insight to your situation.

Equitable Distribution For Orlando Divorce

You deserve an “equitable distribution” that dignifies your contribution to your marriage — your fair share of assets and marital property, including:

  • Real estate
  • Home furnishings
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Stock options
  • Deferred compensation
  • Closely held family businesses
  • Inherited money or property
  • Rental property income

We will determine the separate or “non-marital,” property, which unless otherwise written is property bought outside of the marriage. This will help rule out anything that is not  useful for your case. If you suspect your spouse is disguising or secreting hidden assets, I will aggressively investigate your claim. If a business valuation is necessary to safeguard your investment in a family business, I can access the assistance of financial experts to get an accurate assessment of your situation.

I am a Florida native and Florida-educated, and am committed to helping individuals meet their family law goals. I do not overwhelm you with a mountain of legal jargon.  I treat you respectfully at all times, as both an individual and a client.

I assure that you know all of your legal options, and how family law statutes can work in your favor. You will have every fact at your disposal, in pursuit of informed decisions. Above all, I want you to trust me with the delicate, private financial details of your life. I work hard to earn that trust. You deserve a legal professional you can safely confide in, so you can have peace of mind during this difficult time.

When the stakes are high, for you and your children, and your voice is not being heard in divorce discussions of property division, reach out to me. My track record of success proves that I can help.

There is life after divorce. Let me help you get there.


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