Contested Divorce

At Konicek Law, we aggressively represent our clients in court when litigation is the only option to protect their rights. We prefer to resolve Orlando divorce proceedings in an amicable way via an uncontested divorce. However, when that is not possible, we are ready and willing to fight for our clients.

Preparation Is Essential for Success in Contested Divorce Cases

The judge will make his or her decisions based on the evidence presented at trial. The decisions made will impact things such as spousal support, child custody, and how property is distributed. For this reason, we prepare our cases in a meticulous and detailed way. Our preparation includes:

  • Outlining past issues in the marriage and their impact on the children
  • Creating a detailed record of financial issues, including the past earnings of both spouses and money earned from family-run businesses
  • Preparing a detailed yet accurate inventory of all marital assets, including joint assets as well as those solely owned by our client
  • Documenting health issues affecting both spouses and the children with a view to clarifying the monetary value as it affects support and other matters

Our lawyers will work closely with you in preparing the most effective evidence for your case.

Providing Guidance through the Emotional Courtroom Process

When a divorce in Florida reaches the point where it makes its way to a courtroom, other options such as mediation have failed. Our clients have no choice but to turn to the courts for a fair settlement.

We have seen many instances where the imbalance of power that existed in the marriage find its way into the courtroom. This adds an additional level of stress to the divorce process. Konicek Law is a law firm that has experience helping our clients with the emotional stress associated with a courtroom trial. We will help you weed through the emotional challenges and maintain the objective view you will need to be successful.

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Preparing Our Clients for Litigation

We understand that for many of our clients this is the first time they have stepped foot in a courtroom. You have no idea what to expect. You may have doubts about how to behave or the best way to present your testimony in a way that will achieve the objective. This is why we will work with you and prepare you so that you are satisfied with the courtroom experience and so that your goal of a fair resolution of your divorce is a reality.

If you are required to give testimony during the divorce proceedings, we will work with you to show you how to take control of the situation. Often times, simple things like taking breaks when you feel tired, distracted, or irritated are enough to keep your testimony on track.

Other things like repeating every single question before you answer it slows down the pace of the questions and helps you to concentrate on what question was actually asked as opposed to the question you thought you heard because in your mind you might have been anticipating a similar question.

Offering Our Clients the Preparation and Support Needed

Many marriages that end in divorce have built up years of resentment, anger, and contention. For this reason, negotiated settlements are not always possible. When a contested divorce is the best way to protect our clients, the lawyers at Konicek Law know how to aggressively defend and protect our clients. We will not be caught off guard because we vigorously prepare for litigation in court.

Don’t face a contested divorce unprepared. Schedule a consultation with and together we will work for the best outcome in your contested divorce.