Child Support in Florida

In Florida, both parents have the obligation of taking care of all the needs of their children. The law also helps to determine the amount of money each parent should provide towards child needs. Basically what the law does is to try and ensure that every child’s basic needs in the state are met by their parents. It is important to note that guidelines used to determine child support orders vary from one state to another and Florida laws only apply to those who live in the same state. Hiring an Orlando family law attorney can help in child support cases.

Other than the income of both parents, health care costs are a strong determinant of how much a parent is supposed to pay for child support. In Florida, there are standard needs that every child is entitled to and must be met by the parents. Daycare costs are also considered in the child support calculation.

The judicial system in the state takes child support issues very seriously and are always out to ensure that every child gets a fair chance in life. The court uses guidelines to ensure that the right amount of support is given a child. Judges also have the power to order an increase or decrease in the amount being paid for child support. Extremely high medical bills for instance, can cause a raise in child support amount.

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The state of Florida has a guideline that uses time spent with the child to determine the cost of child support. The number of overnights each parent has with the child is one factor that the child support calculation considers. If the parent who gets less time with the children in a court ruling has more than seventy three overnights in a year, then it is reflected in the child support guidelines.

Modifications of a child support order are inevitable and can be in a permanent or a temporary form. Changes in time-sharing and daycare costs are examples of factors that can cause modification in child support. Modifications are typically retroactive to the date of the filing of the modification.

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