While an uncontested divorce is typically more straightforward and less time-consuming than a contested divorce, it doesn’t mean that the process is always simple and uncomplicated. Ultimately, divorce itself can be challenging to navigate, which is why we always recommend having an uncontested divorce attorney on your side to give you the right legal advice and guidance. Here are some possible complications in an uncontested divorce: 

Complications in Uncontested Divorces 


If you assumed that an uncontested divorce is quick and easy, you might be proven wrong. In the first place, it is not easy or straightforward to qualify for an uncontested divorce in Florida.

Firstly, at least you or your spouse must be a resident in Florida for at least six months. Next, both parties must have a clear reason for seeking the petition to divorce. Florida is a no-fault state, so you don’t have to place the blame on any party. Instead, you have two options: either to claim that the marriage is irretrievably broken or that one party has been mentally incapacitated for a minimum period of three years. Also, both parties must agree to an uncontested divorce, not to seek alimony, and to agree on debt and asset division.

It can be overwhelming to take note of all the points of qualification and file the correct paperwork. This is why it is best to let a divorce attorney handle this for you.

Exacerbated Conflict

People who have unrealistic expectations of uncontested divorces might crumble under stress and pressure when they come across any obstacles or difficulties during the process. It’s crucial to remember to keep your emotions in check and not to let strong emotions such as anger, hurt, or bitterness get in the way of your uncontested divorce.

Allowing emotions to get out of control and take center stage can quickly affect your judgment and complicate the process. Before you know it, your uncontested divorce could very well turn into a contested divorce, and you’ll find yourself in court, trapped in a lengthy and complex process. 

No Legal Representation

It’s a mistake to assume that uncontested divorces are simple and you won’t need an attorney. Ultimately, it’s still beneficial to have a legal expert on your side, giving you professional legal advice. 

As your uncontested divorce attorney, we have walked this path with many other people going through uncontested divorces and are extremely experienced with what the process involves. We help to evaluate your circumstances and assist you in understanding your rights while helping you to reach a fair settlement. In addition, as your legal representative, we help you iron out issues with your ex that might hinder the process and cause a communication breakdown.

Going through the divorce process alone can be a big mistake that can complicate your divorce proceedings, so it’s crucial to know that you don’t have to do it alone or be overwhelmed.


Ultimately, divorce is not easy and can involve various complications. An uncontested divorce is often simpler, but there’s no certainty that you won’t face any complications. The good news is that it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, and you don’t have to face the process alone. With an experienced and compassionate uncontested divorce attorney like us on your side, you’ll find the journey that much easier with our legal advice and support. Call us today to discuss more about how we can help you in your uncontested divorce proceedings. 

Emily A. Konicek

Emily A. Konicek

Emily A. Konicek brings 14 years of experience to your family law concerns. Emily excels at mediation, negotiation and litigation, and can help you pursue a course of action that helps you meet your goals for the future and for your family.