Child support can be a stressful ordeal, but you might be wondering if you need a lawyer to help you through the process. First, you should know you’re not required by law to get a lawyer to handle child support matters. Some situations are fairly simple and straightforward. For these cases, you can usually settle it on your own in a local court. However, not every child support case is this simple.

Should You Get a Lawyer for Child Support?

While you might not legally need to get a lawyer for your child support case, they can be extremely helpful. There are plenty of details about child support law that the regular person doesn’t know, or think about. There can be many different steps in the child support process, and those can also vary depending on where you live. Not only that, a lawyer can help you figure out what you might be expected to pay, and whether or not that’s a reasonable amount.

When it comes down to it, every situation is different. However, if you’re experiencing some conflict, or have a more complicated situation, expert advice is always a good idea. If you’re worried that you might be expected to pay more than you’re reasonably able to, or that there will be lengthy complications and negotiations, a lawyer can help move the process along. A family law attorney Orlando for child support can make the process smoother, and more fair, for both parties.

Situations Where You Should Get a Lawyer

We’ve already mentioned that some situations merit a child support lawyer more than others. If you and your ex-spouse are in agreement about custody and payments to be made, you might not need one. However, there are certain situations where getting a good child support lawyer should be at the top of your list. For instance, these circumstances are definitely ones in which you need a child support lawyer on your side.

You’re not sure what you should pay

Child support lawyers know how your area calculates child support, and what the reasonable amounts for it are. If you’re not sure what your ex partner expects, or if you know what they expect, and aren’t sure it’s appropriate, enlist the help of a lawyer. They’ll make sure your child what they need, and that the payments are fair for each party.

You need to change payments

As income and circumstances change, child support can often be modified. If one parent starts gaining substantially more, or less, income, it’s likely time to revise your child support payment plan. Getting a lawyer for child support allows you to navigate the modification process more quickly and easily, while also making sure everyone’s taken care of.

There’s another lawyer involved

Nobody wants to be caught unaware, especially when it comes to financial and legal issues. If your ex partner already has a lawyer, you need to get one. Even in a fairly simple case, if they have a lawyer and you don’t, the outcome could be slanted against you from the start.

Remember, child support lawyers know all the details of the process, and child support laws. Unless you’re a lawyer yourself, chances are you don’t. The lack of knowledge can become a serious detriment to your end of things. Put simply, if the other party already has a lawyer, you need to get one too.

There are complicated circumstances

Whether it has to do with custody, payments, or anything in between, child support can get very complicated. If there’s a dispute between you and your ex partner over any part of the process, it can become drawn out, and even more difficult to navigate.

Child support lawyers can usually also help you with proceedings for child custody arrangements. Having one lawyer to help you through the entire process keeps things streamlined and coordinated, as well as fair for both parties involved. The same goes for if you’re in the midst of separation or divorce. Getting a lawyer for child support can extend far beyond figuring out payments alone.


Still not sure if you need a lawyer for child support? If you have a complicated situation, or other legal issues to work out with your ex, it’s certainly worth hiring one on. Likewise, if you don’t understand the process, or what you should reasonably be expected to pay, get an expert on your side. Or, if you already pay child support, but need to modify it, we can help you through the process.