Family law, at its core, covers the responsibilities of people who are married, divorced, or living together. It’s not only about handling marital problems, but about planning for your future. Either way, it can be very stressful for most people, especially since you might not know what’s covered under family law. It’s best to seek for help from a family law specialist instead. 

What Does Family Law Cover?

Family law is all about finding the necessary solutions to domestic relationships within the legal system. This includes custody agreements for parents getting divorced, marriage agreements, and divorces, but it also encompasses people who are in more distant or casual relationships. 

For all of these relationships, there’s often a lot of emotion involved, which is why many people choose to work with legal counsel.

Family law doesn’t only cover relationships though. It also exists to help protect the rights of both parties and any possible children that they may have. Judges will help to prevent domestic abuse between spouses and children, people in a dating relationship, or even a roommate usually through a restraining order.

Children are protected as well, and given the right to make their own decisions depending on their age and on the situation.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

Many family law proceedings are a result of the end of a marriage or romantic relationship. An Orlando family law attorney works to help their clients file for separation or divorce, alimony, and child custody, visitation, and support.

If you go to a family lawyer, they’ll help you with options like an annulment for couples that have only been married for a short time, and know the ins and outs of the rights that exist between same-sex couples.

With all of this discussion of divorce and separation, family law also covers the division of assets. If couples are having a hard time dividing property following a divorce, their legal counsel will be able to assist and divide property and finances properly.

How Do Family Lawyers Help With Children?

Custody agreements are some of the most common things that family lawyers deal with. Your lawyer will work to negotiate various agreements about contact, residence, and access, and will help both parties resolve questions about a child’s upbringing and who has the responsibility to make decisions about the child.

This is especially important since parents may have a hard time trusting each other at this time, and need the help of an attorney to ensure that everyone keeps the child’s best interest in mind. Typically, many of these agreements work to create visitation agreements and custody schedules that disrupt a child’s life as little as humanly possible.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

A family law attorney is sometimes necessary when both parties cannot agree, since hiring a lawyer can provide an advantage. An attorney can find assets that the other party might be trying to hide, can fight for your right to child support and visitation, and if necessary, take the case to court if talks between both parties fail.

Even if the case isn’t hugely contested, it’s important to hire an attorney. Attorneys ensure that everyone is aware of their legal rights at all times, and that there are no disagreements between both parties down the line.

Typical Family Law Situations

If you’re looking to hire a family attorney, know that family lawyers are there for every step of the process. This includes attending meetings with clients and researching similar cases so that they’re aware of the twists and turns that your case may take.

A family lawyer can also draft up legal documents if your case does need to go to court, and if you’re trying to avoid that outcome, they’re there to assist with negotiation before you get into the courtroom. They’ll meet for hearings, file applications, and ensure that every person knows their rights at all times.


If you’re struggling through a relationship and you need legal help to manage divorce, child custody, or property division, you’ll want to consider hiring a family attorney. Family law revolves around ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected, including both parties and possible children.