When a divorce has become the inevitable outcome, the standard response in most households is for one spouse to move out until the divorce is finalized. The move is typically used to preserve some measure of peace and harmony. However, not every couple automatically go their separate ways once the divorce petition is filed. Spouses facing this situation may reasonably ask if it’s possible to maintain this arrangement and resort to heated arguments during every encounter. At Konicek Law, our experienced Orlando divorce attorney and family law attorney can help assist you through this challenging time.


If a person is in the process of a divorce, the other spouse is not usually beloved, and avoiding the tendency to argue at every moment is extremely difficult. If living together during a divorce is going to work; the parents must coexist under the same roof. For most couples, this means trying to avoid one spouse as much as possible.┬áIf there are children involved, civility is even more important, as hearing parents always argue is not suitable for the child’s well-being. It’s critical to keep in mind that this situation is temporary and to avoid making statements that will inflame an already delicate truce. To prevent the hostility in your household, it’s essential you consult with an Orlando divorce attorney.

Living Space

Each spouse needs their own space. Space could mean separate bedrooms, or it could result in making a schedule to plan when each spouse will use the common areas to limit contact. If possible, it may be more beneficial to divide the home so that each person has their own space with minimal overlap. This arrangement allows each spouse their own space and hopefully decreases the opportunities for heated encounters.

Each spouse will need their own space when they are feeling overwhelmed and need to get away without having to worry about your spouse bothering you. Although some household areas should remain public, if your residence is large enough, it can be easier to designate a specific area to each spouse. Each spouse needs to set boundaries and respect what they mean; otherwise, they are pointless and will lead to further turmoil.


Even though parents may be living together, it’s possible, and probably wise, to put together a parenting schedule from the beginning. Working with an Orlando divorce attorney at Konicek Law; can allow the parent and child to spend the needed time together before the arrangement is formalized. By doing that enables the child to get adjusted to sharing time between the parents. It also allows the child to adapt to spending time alone with just one of their parents. Sharing the responsibilities will help ensure the agreed-upon arrangement will work. If the agreement is not working, then it allows the parents to adjust their arrangement before the situation is finalized.


Regardless of the parent taking care of the finances, each spouse will have to take accountability for their finances. The household expenses should be split up until one spouse has left the residence. A budget should be implemented as well so the allocation of money and costs can be split up evenly. If one spouse does not have a job, a court order for temporary alimony and child support may be required. Temporary alimony helps cover the time until the other spouse gets employed or the divorce is finalized. The finances will always be a sensitive subject throughout a divorce and should be handled at the beginning to be aware and resolve factors of contention. It is always recommended to consult with an Orlando divorce attorney or family law attorney to make this transition as smooth as possible.

It’s natural for one spouse to think the other is taking advantage of the martial money. However, blaming your spouse can create more hostility while living in your home. Therefore, separate names off each other’s joint bank accounts and be open about any spending. If the spouses are civil with one another, they can keep track of all spending and go over these numbers regularly. Being transparent about finances will be useful throughout the divorce negotiations and cut down on arguments over money.

Take on Bills Which Work with Your Income

If one spouse covers all the bills typically, the spouses must split the expenses. By paying all the household bills, one spouse may be setting a precedent that you can afford once the divorce is finalized. However, the paying spouse may not be able to provide long-term support payments.

Reach Out to a Florida Divorce Attorney

Living together during a divorce is never the most enjoyable option. However, it is usually the most cost-effective, financially. It also helps make sure each spouse doesn’t miss out on any rights when it comes to the custody battle. The reason being, divorces might often be a result of domestic violence, in which case you might need a professional to help you through the rough times. The experienced divorce and family law attorney’s at Konicek Law can assist you in figuring out what your situation needs. The Orlando divorce attorney at Konicek Law have the experience you need to get through this process as painless as possible. Contact our divorce attorney and family law attorney at 407-894-1122 today for a consultation.