Divorce is difficult. The grieving process that accompanies divorce, in addition to the financial and psychological strain of the entire process, is akin to the grieving process associated with death. To say the least, it is a difficult time to get through alone, and support is most definitely needed. That being said, below is a list of 5 divorce support groups in Orlando.

Divorce Support Groups

  • DivorceCare(www.divorcecare.org). DIvorceCare is a divorce recovery support group that offers support for individuals going through separation or the actual process of divorce. Support comes in the form of seminars and focus groups. Also offered, are daily email inspirations and encouragements, books and personal one-on-one studies to aid in moving you through the process.
  • Total Life Counseling(www.totallifecounseling.com) is a support group specializing in parenting and co-parenting during and after a divorce. The process of divorce is a hardship on the adults involved, and often times the children’s emotional well-being is not adequately attended to. A support group like Total Life Counseling is one that addresses those issues.
  • Divorce and Recovery(www.divorceandrecovery.org). The Divorce and Recovery Workshop offers weekly meetings to help participants heal and work through the pain and emotion associated with divorce. Four 11 week sessions are available in phases, which are focused on specific goals created to overcome each hurdle of the grieving processes that divorce insights. Each phase is headed up by a facilitator. The facilitators are former participants who have received additional training and are equipped to aid and assist in moving from pain to healing.
  • Women Alone(www.floridahospital.com/wesley-chapel/womens-services). This group is sponsored by the Center for Women’s Medicine, and meets to support women who are currently single due to death or divorce. There is a fee for the sessions offered by this Florida Hospital backed group. The nominal fee is only $10.00 for a set of four sessions.

Outside of the groups that are designed to specifically address divorce and support for individuals experiencing divorce, many local religious groups and churches also offer counseling and support for members of the community who need the service. Some of those churches are First Presbyterian Church of Orlando(www.fpco.org), Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando(www.jfsorlando.org), Journey Christian Church(journeychristian.com), and the Diocese of Orlando(orlandodiocese.org). Although churches and religious groups are not thought of as support groups, in the traditional sense of the term, they do offer services which can help many people through the difficulties of the process.

Divorce is the destruction of a family unit, and coping with the many steps involved is a process that leaves many feeling out of place and alone. If you or someone you know needs support through the trying time a divorce creates, please seek help from the resources listed above, and seeks legal counsel from a trusted Orlando family law firm, such as Konicek Law, PLLC.