Legal Aid provides volunteer services to Orlando area residents in need of legal assistance. The attorneys represent residents with limited financial resources for civil, criminal and family matters. Anyone residing in Orlando in need of legal representation should see whether or not they are eligible for assistance.

Who may be eligible for legal aid?

Eligible residents must generally earn well under the Federal Poverty Income level. The rule by DUI lawyers from Tampa states that individuals should make within 125 percent of the Federal Poverty Income level to qualify for legal aid assistance they need. Legal assistance is also made available through our firm.

Who else may be eligible for legal aid?

1. Elderly residents
2. Disabled residents
3. Facing a divorce
4. Residents facing foreclosure
5. Those facing criminal charges
6. Disable veterans
7. People living with HIV/AIDS
8. Residents who receive financial or public assistance

Alternatives to free legal representation

Our firm offers indigent representation at a discounted rate. Some clients have been eligible for discounted legal services. In this scenario, a portion of the legal fees must be paid by the client. Reimbursement for any services rendered by a court-appointed attorney from our firm is required.

Demonstrating residency

In order to receive assistance, certain residency requirements must be met. The client will have to prove that they are an Orlando resident in order to receive assistance. The location where the incident occurred may qualify a person for Orlando legal aid. If receiving legal aid for a criminal or civil matter, one must be able to prove that they reside in Orlando.

Are the attorneys qualified?

All people deserve access to legal assistance despite their financial scenario. Any lawyer serving any of residents in the Florida area must pass the bar. All of our attorneys are qualified to provide legal assistance for residents throughout Orlando. Any attorney representing a resident must be currently eligible to practice, so residents can get competent representation for their legal matters.

Verifying eligibility for legal representation

Residents may consult the local court and inquire about legal aid services program. They will be able to process profile information to verify eligibility for legal assistance. Intake information reviewed by the court or an attorney from our firm will be used to determine whether or not the applicant is eligible. Residents have the option of filling out an application online or in-person.

How else can Orlando residents get reduced legal consultation?

A private lawyer available through a referral network operated by the local bar association can offer a consultation. The local bar association offers a free 30-minute consultation or one at a discounted rate for $50.

Other options for legal support

• Nearby law school
• Self-help clinic
• Free legal workshop
• Volunteer lawyer project
• Pro bono project
• Civil agency founded for a particular cause

Everyone has the option of pursuing legal aid or discounted legal services. Most people can submit their profile information directly to the court in order to see whether or not they qualify for assistance. Other legal support services outside of the court are also available to individuals. If you need help with an Orlando family law case, Konicek Law can help! We are located at 1309 E Robinson St., Suite 200 Orlando, FL 32801.

Emily A. Konicek

Emily A. Konicek

Emily A. Konicek brings 14 years of experience to your family law concerns. Emily excels at mediation, negotiation and litigation, and can help you pursue a course of action that helps you meet your goals for the future and for your family.