Did you know the number of paternity tests taken in the United States has jumped 64 percent every year for the last decade? Fighting for your paternity rights is something that can cause a headache, but I think we can all agree that a headache is worth having your children in your life. There are cases where fathers are forbidden to see their children, are told they are not the father but raised the child and were asked to leave after years of involvement, and a many more. We have all heard of devastating circumstances where the father is fighting a custody battle.

The definition of paternity is: the state of being someone’s father. That leaves a lot of holes for one to question. The best way of going about fighting someone on your paternal rights is a paternity to determine paternity.

The first step in filing a petition for paternity in Central Florida is filling out the petition documents; you can find these documents online. If you have more than one child you are petitioning for, you may put them all on the same document as long as they are with the same mother. Once all of the documents are filled out you will need to get them signed in front of a notary.

The second step is presenting the documents to the mother. Once the mother has received the documents she has twenty days to give a response. If the mother doesn’t give a response you may file a motion for Default, which is where a judgment is made based on the other party’s lack of involvement.

If the mother responds in favor of the petition, you need to comply with mandatory disclosure and make sure all of the required documents are filled out. Once you have everything together, you can schedule mediation. If you cannot settle in mediation, you will need to file a Notice for Trial.

There are many documents must be filed with the courts, and it can easily get confusing. You should seek out legal help when going through this process. Call Konicek Law to set up a consultation regarding your paternity case.